OUR MISSION is to cultivate community of yoga practitioners, teachers & studios in Greater Milwaukee and to leverage it toward local social good.

WE BELIEVE that yoga includes physical & contemplative practices among many other techniques and forms. Skillfully practiced, it is good for our bodies and minds, and it also inherently awakens our individual sense of compassion and community connection.

OUR CAUSE We spent our first 7 years building community, now it's time to build its diversity. Milwaukee has undeniably stark issues based in social disparities while everyday Milwaukeeans want nothing more than to have a happy, thriving culture for everyone. But what to do? Yoga has the power to not only bring well-being to body & mind of individuals, but also to bring people together and light up our sense of community. We believe it is a natural tool to help MAKE MILWAUKEE WHOLE. 

OUR KEY STRATEGY is to broaden access, welcoming and cross-cultural engagement to the practice throughout the city & suburbs, activating an inner sense of compassion, and to help channel it for positive change. #makeMKEwhole  #makeMKEone


HOW TO HELP Join us! Donate, volunteer, spread the word, come to an event and let's make a difference together!


  • Thousands of local yoga practitioners, dozens serving as omTown volunteers

  • Hundreds of local yoga teachers

  • Dozens of local yoga studios

  • Partner of the Milwaukee Art Museum for Yoga @ the Museum program, representing dozens of local yoga studios and bringing 200+ yoga practitioners of all kinds together monthly since 2011
  • Partner of Lululemon Athletica under 2015 Metta, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Here to Be grants & collaborations
  • Host of  Yoga @ the Parks representing dozens of local yoga studios & teachers, bringing yoga instruction to neighborhood parks weekly in the summer since 2014. Partnering with Urban Ecology Center at Washington Park.
  • Host of Milwaukee Global Mala bringing dozens of local yoga studios and 300+ teachers & practitioners together for peace annually since 2010
  • Partner of NEWaukee presenting Yoga @ Urban Island Beach Party since 2015
  • Partner of Rock the Green 2016 presenting Kids Yoga @ Rock the Green

 Founded in 2009, omTown Yogis is a 501(c)3 NonProfit Organization based in Milwaukee, WI

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