Prerequisites & Conditions
We are seeking applicants for 200 hr scholarships who themselves would bring more cultural diversity into Milwaukee's current yoga teacher body. All other scholarships and grants require applicants to be 200-hour certified and residents in southeastern Wisconsin.

200 hr Certification Scholarships require a commitment to teaching, once certified, in low-access areas and/or with at-risk or socially isolated individuals & populations. Applicants must select a local yoga teacher training program that is an omTown partner. These scholarships essentially cover 66% of tuition and 50% materials while the student must cover the balance. Payment plans are possible. omTown will assist in the teacher training program application process and facilitate mentorship throughout the 200 hr training. The application process is open for 2018 and the APPLICATION IS AVAILABLE HERE.

Continuing Education Scholarships are for 200+ hr certified teachers to enhance their teaching skills. In 2017 we are focusing our scholarship intention on Trauma-Informed Yoga Teaching and Cultural Competency. Any classes or programs with one of these focus areas are eligible for consideration and must be attended within 12 months of being awarded the scholarship. Teachers are not awarded scholarships in consecutive years. Application process will begin in early 2017.

Opening the Doors Grants provide certified teachers financial support to bring their skills to individuals and groups who may otherwise not have easy access to guided yoga & meditation instruction or may be considered part of an at-risk or socially isolated population. Grant Applicants must have received Trauma Informed Teacher training and Cultural Competency Training OR commit to attending these classes prior to teaching under the omTown grant. Grant recipients must carry their own liability insurance and assume all liability in conducting 20 free classes. The 20 free classes must be conducted within 18 months of being awarded the grant. Non-profit organizations to which the classes are to be provided can be identified by the recipient, but must be approved by omTown in advance in order for classes to be applicable. (Meta House and St. Ann's Center for Intergenerational Care are pre-approved local non-profit organizations.) All arrangements for the classes must be made between the teacher and non-profit organization. omTown will supply a limited number of yoga mats and props on loan if needed. In some cases Grants are awarded year over year to individuals to support continuity of service. 

2017 Grants are currently dispensed and as more funding is achieved more grants will be made available. 

Opening the Doors Stories are required for final fund disbursements of all Scholarships and Grants. These are written narratives about the corresponding experiences of the grant/scholarship recipients. Templates for these narratives are provided by omTown.


200 hr Certification Scholarships will be paid to the teacher training school.

Continuing Education Scholarships will be paid to the student after attending the approved continuing education program(s) as a reimbursement. Receipt(s) and a completed Opening the Doors Story are required.

Grants will be paid directly to recipients in two installments: 20% once their classes commence and a letter from the receiving institution regarding the specific commitment is received, and the remainder once all 20 classes have been held, which must be held within 18 months of being awarded the grant. A completed Opening the Doors Story will also be required as well as a final letter of acknowledgement from the non-profit organization(s).

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