Daniela's Scholarship Story


Meet Daniela Morgan

omTown Scholar 2017-2018 at Inner Light Studios 200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher training program

  1. How has the practice of yoga changed your life? Introducing yoga to my life has been one of the best things I could of done for myself. I came to yoga while participating in a women's healing circle at Walnut Way. During one of the sessions they brought in a yoga instructor that did a mini session, I felt so good after it, I hired that instructor for private sessions. At that time in my life I felt pretty hopeless, ugly and defeated. Through the practice of yoga I began to feel empowered, strong, confident and beautiful. I saw my body do things physically that I deemed impossible for me. I also felt stronger in mind and spirit. I was able to forgive myself for the mistakes I've made and to love myself in all my imperfections. When I’m able to I attend classes I'm at Walnut Way with Joanna Brooks with Embody yoga, I have also taken some classes at Inner Light Yoga studios, where I’m doing my teacher training.
  2. Who do you want to share this practice with as a teacher and why? I want to share yoga with everyone!!!! Really though, I'd like to share yoga with under-served populations, with those in my community that don’t even know what yoga is. With those who do know what it is but can't afford to pay for a regular practice. I would also love to teach it to children. To be able to present alternate ways to deal with daily stress would be such a wonderful opportunity. To empower my community, my people would be so fulfilling. This could save their life!!!
  3. How does teaching yoga, or the idea of teaching yoga in the future, make you feel? What potential do you imagine? I'm excited and nervous about teaching yoga. Excited because I know first hand the benefits of yoga on your physical, mental and spiritual body. Nervous because I have never taught yoga and I want to make sure I provide my students with the full experience, I want to make sure I’m sequencing my classes correctly, teaching them breathing and poses correctly. I know through my training and practice teaching I'll get better at all of that

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  • Yvonne Echols
    commented 2017-06-27 16:49:26 -0500
    I love it! You inspired me to get into yoga. Some of the practice sessions that you conducted with me really opened my eyes to yoga and the fact that I could do more than I thought I could. It was also very relaxing and exhilarating and when the practice, combined with your calming voice engulfed me, I knew that this was something I wanted to do and explore further. And, I want you to be my instructor. Good Luck in your studies and beyond.

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