Prison Yoga Project

OmTown Yogis is proud to be in partnership with Well On Your Way and Project Recovery.

Under the direction of Dr. Michael Duffey, former Director for Peace Studies at Marquette University, Well On Your Way serves the populations of secured correctional facilities in Milwaukee. Project Recovery is a program to reintegrate former inmates into the community.

OmTown's role in this collaboration is to source teachers for yoga instruction for individuals who are incarcerated or re-integrating. This program serves as an avenue for teachers seeking to advance toward their personal calling of service. Our intention is that this program contributes positively to the personal growth of all involved.


About teaching in this program

Classes are focused on basic instruction and are 45-60 minutes in length.

Maintaining professional boundaries and working within the scope of basic yoga instruction is critical and required.

Student groups are primarily male though other opportunities may be available.

This is a volunteer program.

There is no minimum or maximum number of classes required as a commitment.

A background check by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections must be passed.

Attendance at an orientation led by a Wisconsin Department of Correction Officer is required. Our aim is to time and organize these orientations in yoga teacher groups.

Recommended reading

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga: Principles, Practice & Research

Bridging Body & Mind: Considerations for Trauma-informed Yoga

The Lived Experience of Teaching Trauma-sensitive Yoga

Healing Trauma through Yoga: a 4.5 hour e-course

Criteria to Apply

Credential of Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) at the 200 hour level minimum is required.

Experience & training in trauma-sensitive yoga teaching is preferred.

Experience & training in leading meditation is a bonus.


How to Apply

Contact Joseph Frederick at or text/call 1(262)784-6600

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