The Power of Yantra in Yoga: Consciousness, Energy & Form


A Transformational Practice for Our Time

4 Thursday evenings, 5:45-8:00pm, March 9, 16, 23 & April 6

culminating in creative lab, Sunday, 4-7pm April 9


This is an experiential exploration of the power of yantra, one of Yoga's potent instruments for transformative Self-realization, in the practice of Yoga. The word Yantra means instrument or tool; it is a formal visual expression of a psycho-cosmic energetic vibration of consciousness. Yantra reveal and awaken their vibration within us and draw us into direct awareness of the consciousness of Self and cosmos they evoke. We will engage the power of yantra in our practice of yoga to awaken and deepen our realization of the sacred power of form to concentrate, focus and channel psycho-cosmic energy and to open to the insight and vision yantra can reveal and activate within.

We turn to the use of yantra as one of the profound expressions and gifts of the Kundalini-tantra and hatha yoga traditions, for it offers us deep experiential insight into the practice and meaning of Yoga.  But we turn to it now, especially when we are assailed by often violently polarizing energies, because yantra offers great depth and clarity of experiential insight about powerfully healing ways to be in conscious relation to energy and its expression: in our self and in the cosmos wherein we are held and hold our being.

These evening practices are an invitation into an exploration of what yantra in the practice of yoga can inspire in and reveal to us and the ways it is may be an instrument of healing.  This initial exploration is layered over the four sessions and will culminate in the creation of a mandala in its first flowering.

All are welcome, though some degree of yoga is highly recommended.  For any questions about the practice, please contact the instructor, Marya Bradley at  

March 16, 2017 at 5:45pm - 8pm
omTown Center
Marya Bradley ·

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